Time to run!

All Netrunners are invited to take part in the Dutch Netrunner National Championships 2017. These are a single day event and will take place on Saturday, the 12th of August, with Swiss rounds and Top 8 on this day.  There will be a Cache Refresh side event on the following Sunday, for which registration will be on location, but is included in the main event ticket.

The Dutch National Championships will take place in the city of Enschede. Easily reachable by car or train and with several affordable hotels nearby the venue, the city of Enschede offers everything needed for a smooth and memorable day or weekend of running the Nets. The Enschede meta looks forward to welcoming you!



Saturday 12.08.2017

↳ Doors open: 10.00
↳ Signin: Until 10.45
↳ First round start: 11.00

↳ TO: Elwin “Jakuza”
↳ Judge: Gereon “Spacehonk”
↳ Latest legal pack: Free Mars.

↳ Participation: € 20,-
↳ Max capacity: 60 (expanded from 40).

↳ Preregistration: Tickets here (Sold out).

The Dutch Netrunner Nationals 2017 have sold out in pre registration. There will be no tickets available at the event itself.

We expect to run the event in 5 Swiss rounds, with double elimination Top 8 as per standard FFG tournament regulations. If we hit max capacity in preregistration and expand capacity, the number of Swiss rounds will possibly be increased to 6.

Swiss rounds and the final cut will be taking place on the same day; Saturday.


We’ll be following FFG’s official ANR tournament regulations for Premier Events. Please be aware of this. This includes the use of unofficial/custom art cards (not allowed).

Printed deck lists will be required at the event. Spare deck lists will be provided, so you may write down your decklists at the event.

Bringing your own food & drink is allowed at the main event. Please keep things tidy though as we would like to use the venue in the future as well!


2017 Nationals kit:
– Participation: Alternate art BOOM!
– Top 16: Set of 10 red acrylic 5 credit tokens.
– Top 8: Visually stunning playmat.
– Top 4: Card tray, functions as wall plaque or ID bearer.
– Champion: Heavily awesome full colour glass trophy + Bye and reserved seat at Netrunner World Championships 2017.


Main Event

We’ve chosen to host the Dutch National Championships in one of the most prolific venues of the region; the Muziekkwartier.  The entire event on the 12th of August will take place in an intimate but very accommodating hall within the venue. The Muziekkwartier is based squarely in the middle of Enschede, sitting next to the  trainstation and with parking opportunities within walking distance.

Location for the National Championships (12.08)

One of the halls within the Muziekkwartier. Use the Kaliber Kunstenschool entrance (Kaliber School of Arts, exact address listed below) to enter the building. You will be directed to the Netrunner National Championships.


(Use Kaliber Kunstenschool entrance)
Willem Wilminkplein 1
7511 PG – Enschede


Side events

The Dutch Netrunner National Championships 2017 would not be complete without side events. Following the Championships on Saturday, there will be a casual Cache Refresh side event on Sunday, the 13th of August. There’s also a small pre event on Friday, the 11th of August for early arrivers and anyone looking for some casual Netrunner fun.

Take note: The venue for side events differs from the venue for the Netrunner National Championships.*

Side events will take place at the home and FLGS of the Enschede meta; the awesome Comicasa store!

Friday, 11th of August

Community dinner.
17.30 – Gather at store
18.00 – Dinner
Location: (Gather at) Comicasa store, then walk to closeby restaurant.

Warmup event with Netrunner quiz, casual games & more.
20.30 – Gather at store
21.00 – Start quiz
Location: Comicasa store.

Saturday, 12th of August

Dutch Nationals – Main event (Swiss + Top 8)
10.00 – Doors open
10.45 – Signin closed
11.00 – Start of first round
Location: Muziekkwartier, Enschede.

The focus will be on the Dutch National Championships, both Swiss rounds and top 8. No side events planned so far, but there is enough room available at the location for draft or other casual side games.

Sunday, 13th of August
Cache Refresh tournament.
11.00 – Doors open
11.15 – Start of first round
Location: Comicasa store, Enschede.

Location for side events


Zuiderhagen 35
7511 GJ – Enschede

*We’ve chosen to structure the entire weekend of events this way to offer the maximum possible amount of Netrunner. The cozy nature of the Comicasa store is perfect for small scale tournaments and side events, but less so for a National Championship where we require a certain amount of room for optimal play with 30+ participants. On the other hand, the facilities (and costs) of the Muziekkwartier are too large scale for a full 3 days of running Nets. This structure offers the optimal combination.